The Bead Shop

The Bead Shop, as the name implies, is essentially a store that specializes in  “do-it-yourself”, “custom made”  fashion accessories.  It’s  a venue for creative  individuals who  want something more out of their usual fashion accessories or jewelry.  Here, you are able to style and make your own necklace, bracelet, anklet , earrings, etc  Your only limit is your own imagination….


What makes our store really unique is that aside from carrying a good selection of loose beads, we also offer an extensive library of products & services. At the bead shop, you can experience fashion that is ….  classic & understated with our silver gypsy earrings, Rugged & trendy with our leather spanish pulseras/bracelets


Simply fun & outlandish with our curio items (resin rings, octopus earrings, toe rings, ear cuffs, rubberized metal b/l etc.) Or you can choose to be romantic & sentimental with our rice necklace.


We are the company behind the successful launch of the Silk Friendship Bands in 1995, the Alphabet Beads in 1996, “Write your Name on Rice” in 1997, the “Y” Necklace in 1998, the “Tattoo Necklace in 1999 and the Buddhist Power Beads for the new millennium. To date, we have continuously introduced novel items and pioneering trends in accessories, more recently with the personalized memory bracelet.
Since then we have worked with several multi-nationals and big corporations like San Miguel Corp., Summit Media, ABS-CBN, Terry SA. (Havaianas) and Elite Garments (Freeway & Solo). With over 17 years in the business, The Bead Shop remains one of the more established companies in the fashion accessory industry today.